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Welcome to the hangout! You are visiting as a guest. Mind if you join so you can hang out with others?

Welcome to the hangout!

This a new hangout where you can keep in touch with friends of QuickMuffin8782 and friends of friends-- and so on.


What do we do here?

We ask questions, discuss, or even joke around with other posts. We usually hang out and share other projects. But most importantly, have fun!


What should I do if someone violates the rules?

Click on the report button around the post/disccussion/question/news update/comment/reply and we'll take care of it.


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We have other links you can visit around with. Just make sure to add this page as your favorite/bookmark or press the previous page button/shortcut keys to get back.

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News Update

[MVON EXCLUSIVE] Server will release soon!

PS5 system music (1 hour and normal)
News Update

Subnautica and it's sequel will release early 2021

It took quite some time before alien undersea survival game Subnauticamade its way from PC and Xbox One to PlayStation 4. A bit more than two years after that port, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to check it... (More)

I found a spam account and immediately suspended the account for possible advertising and spamming other users. Subject: steve smith